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Using Windows 8 with classic Start Menu

How to get the Start Menu back into Windows 8 final release.

I swear, I tried to "work" with Windows 8. In my opinion, the Startscreen is great when working with Touch enabled devices. But on desktop view, I really miss the Windows Button and/or Windows-Key function. I'm not only accustomed to it, I need it, it makes me somewhat crazy, that the Start Menu was not included in the final Version of Windows 8. And also the well known registry hacks known from the Windows 8 Betas and RCs do not work anymore.

But thanks to Stardock, primarily known for their great Windows UI customization Tools, you can get the start menu back. The Little tool is known as Start8, find the download link below. You can also try ViStart from Lee Soft. Both re-enable the classic Start-Button with all its comfort :)


Links to the Downloads


Using Windows 8 with keyboard and mouse

A short but effective list of tips how to use Windows 8 with your Keyboard.

Curious ... I've never thought I would write something like this. But in fact I'll really provide you with some Tips how to use Windows with your Keyboard.

  1. [any key] unlocks the Locked Screen (if you cannot find this key, stop reading immediately!)
  2. [Windows]+[x] shows something like a Start-Menu replacement called 'quick link power user commands'
  3. [Windows] switches between the Startscreen and the active App
  4. [Windows]+[z] or right click show the application bar on the start Screen
  5. [Page-Up] and [Page-Down] scroll the start Screen
  6. [Windows]+[Page-Up] and [Windows]+[Page-Down] moves the start Screen to another Monitor
  7. [Windows]+[p] Shows projection options, i.e. to connect more screens
  8. [Windows]+[c] toggles the charms
  9. [Windows]+[h] opens the share charm directly
  10. [Windows]+[i] opens the settings charm directly
  11. [Windows]+[k] opens the devices charm directly
  12. [Windows]+[q] opens the search charm and the App List directly
  13. [Windows]+[f] opens the search charm and directly focuses to files 
  14. [Windows]+[CTRL]+[f] opens the Computer search within AD
  15. [Windows]+[Tab] cycles through the app history (more or less the open apps)
  16. [Windows]+[,] shows your pretty Desktop as Long your fingers do not leave the Keys
  17. [Windows]+[.] moves a Metro app to the right (cyclic)
  18. [Windows]+[Shift]+[.] moves a Metro app to the left (cyclic)
  19. [Windows]+[Break] opens the System Properties window