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Using Windows 8 with keyboard and mouse

A short but effective list of tips how to use Windows 8 with your Keyboard.

Curious ... I've never thought I would write something like this. But in fact I'll really provide you with some Tips how to use Windows with your Keyboard.

  1. [any key] unlocks the Locked Screen (if you cannot find this key, stop reading immediately!)
  2. [Windows]+[x] shows something like a Start-Menu replacement called 'quick link power user commands'
  3. [Windows] switches between the Startscreen and the active App
  4. [Windows]+[z] or right click show the application bar on the start Screen
  5. [Page-Up] and [Page-Down] scroll the start Screen
  6. [Windows]+[Page-Up] and [Windows]+[Page-Down] moves the start Screen to another Monitor
  7. [Windows]+[p] Shows projection options, i.e. to connect more screens
  8. [Windows]+[c] toggles the charms
  9. [Windows]+[h] opens the share charm directly
  10. [Windows]+[i] opens the settings charm directly
  11. [Windows]+[k] opens the devices charm directly
  12. [Windows]+[q] opens the search charm and the App List directly
  13. [Windows]+[f] opens the search charm and directly focuses to files 
  14. [Windows]+[CTRL]+[f] opens the Computer search within AD
  15. [Windows]+[Tab] cycles through the app history (more or less the open apps)
  16. [Windows]+[,] shows your pretty Desktop as Long your fingers do not leave the Keys
  17. [Windows]+[.] moves a Metro app to the right (cyclic)
  18. [Windows]+[Shift]+[.] moves a Metro app to the left (cyclic)
  19. [Windows]+[Break] opens the System Properties window